Let's start with sprints for our first workout of the week. Why practice sprinting. It take an energy system and that can help you improve your all around fitness. These sprints are 10 to 15 second long with a rest 2 minutes long. Do this 3 Sprints and a 5 minute rest and repeat 3 then a 10 minute recovery and repeat the all that for a second set of 9 more sprints.


Tempo or Sweet-spot

Tempo is done at 85% to 95%of your FTP. This will improve your resistance to fatigue at higher power outputs over longer periods of time. After a 10 minute warm up we will do a 12 minute interval and rest for 3 minutes and repeat tow more times for a total of 3 intervals.



A endurance workout is not about riding hard and fast. It is about going long. Aerobic endurance workouts help to improve oxygen delivery and increase muscular resistance to fatigue. For this workout we will warm up by slowly increase to about 60 to 70% of FTP and ride steady at pace for long periods of time. As you ride more you can make these rides 3 to 5 hour long.


These workout are just a start. For the sprints they can be made longer or add more of them and even shorter recovery time as you improve over time. The same with tempo sweet spot workouts. As you improve you wand to make each interval longer and can even go an hour to each interval. the endurance workout you can just add 15 minutes each week build up to as long as you need.